Monday , February 26 2024

Saba’s civil servants receive a free Dopper water bottle

The World Wildlife Fund Netherlands WWF N donated 200 Dopper bottles as part of the project to construct a water bottling plant on Saba. The Public Entity Saba will distribute these to all their employees.  Shortly, they will receive a free Dopper reusable, sustainable hard-plastic bottle to eliminate the use of disposable small plastic bottles in the government.

200 Dopper bottles are donated by the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands WWF NL and are part of the project to construct a water bottling plant on Saba

The water bottling plant will produce drinking water in sizeable refillable water containers. From these large containers, which will be placed in dispensers, civil servants can refill their Dopper bottle. The Dopper bottle will boast the name of the new water bottling plant, Saba Splash on one side, and the logo of WWF NL on the other side.

Using water dispensers and Dopper bottles means a significant reduction in plastic waste. The government will no longer buy small disposable plastic bottles; this will save at least 50,000 small single-use bottles on an annual basis. The water bottling plant near St. John’s is under construction and should be completed before this summer.

The Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) is also switching to reusable, sustainable water bottles. Next week, students and staff will receive a stainless-steel bottle, which they can refill at tap points with filtered water at different locations or the water dispenser in the school cafeteria. The SCS saves an estimated 10.000 small single-use bottles annually with this measure.

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