Saturday , September 30 2023

Saba’s Yellow Pages Directory


For many visitors and newcomers to Saba, it is not so easy to discover who to contact for what service and where one can find them. On the other hand, it can be difficult for start-ups to reach prospective clients. A Facebook page is quickly made, but it is difficult to ensure that the prospective clients can find it. Reaching the top of Google’s search results is also a challenge for regular websites.

Saba News has created a “Yellow Page” type directory to help solving these issues for our local businesses and organizations. Businesses and organizations with close connections to Saba can place here one or more listings that describe their activities, where they are located and how they can be reached. The service is free.

Access is through the main menu on the site.


Participants need to register first before they can get access to the service. In this way, we hope to avoid spam. After registration, the actual service is fully automatic and does not require further assistance from the editors, except if help is required. Businesses can “own” one or more listing. They can create, edit and delete content as required.

Listing content

From the menu, one can select a Category of listings. A page will be displayed with a summary of all listings that relate to the selected category. The summary contains a very short description of the services provided, links to their website and/or Facebook page and contact information.

The Title of the listing links to another page, specific for that listing. Here the “owner” of the listing can give an extensive presentation of the services offered, including up to four images. A message form is provided that facilitates clients to contact the owner of the listing directly. In this way the privacy of the email address of the owner is protected.


To kick-off the service, an initial structure of categories of listing has been set up. For those businesses and organizations that are already well known in the public domain, we have created a placeholder.  On request, these placeholders can be deleted, or the “ownership” transferred to the appropriate business.


The process of registration and management of the content of the listing is fully automatic. However, if assistance is required, e.g. for managing images or other content, the editors are willing to provide the necessary support to get you underway.


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