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Police report of Saturday, January 25th until Monday , February 10th 2020

The “Koninklijke Marechaussee” inspected a boat originating from Sint Maarten around 6 PM on Saturday, January 25th , 2020. The boat arrived at a non-regular pier after which various goods were unloaded, including a quad. An inspection revealed that the persons on board did not have the correct clearance and declarations.

The seven occupants of the boat, of which 1 was a minor, did not comply with the duty to report to Customs and the Koninklijke Marechaussee. Therefore they received an official report for entering the island without clearance from the Koninklijke Marechaussee. In addition, a police report has been issued for uninsured driving, driving without paying road tax and driving without a driver’s license. Customs has temporarily taken the quad into custody until the customs clearance and additional taxes have been arranged. The captain of the vessel received an official report for non or incorrect application of formalities at customs clearance and / or import, and the owner of the quad received an official report for non-application or incorrect application of formalities at import.

When entering the island of Saba you must always report and clear customs at the office of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Customs in the harbor, unless you are going to fish with a fishing boat as a resident. 

On Sunday afternoon, February 9th , a traffic control was held at the E.A Johnson road on Saba. A total of 17 vehicles were checked for validity of driver’s license and valid insurance documents. There were no specific particularities.



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  1. The justice on Saba is just putting on a show of power and so called authority because, who in their right mind would pay the fee or price the shipping company’s are charging to bring things that can be carried by one person.
    So imagine a quad and then after paying the shipping company you have to pay a next ridicules price by customs to clear and when you ask them why you have to pay such a high price they going to tell you its because of the cost of shipping and when you ask the shipping company why the shipping cost is so high they tell you, it is because of what the customs tax them for transporting things.
    Its time for this back and forth tax blaming to stop,
    As a matter of fact, all persons on that fishing boat were family to each other in form of the other. So if the big cousin who was the captain was trying to help his little cousin out, you justice, should ask your self, why they went through all that trouble of getting a quad on and off a fishing boat with man power. On a shipping boat it is drive on/off. But no, you would not think about that. All you see, is a so called crime which you all made up to keep the locals like sheep in a mind game.
    You people continue to make all prices so high, that people cannot live with them anymore.
    Think about BES justice figures.