Tuesday , June 6 2023

Waste management workshop

The Public Entity Saba, in collaboration with external partners, Cadwell Inc and EJL Services BV, sat down together in an extensive waste management workshop last week to discuss further improvement in the waste management process on the island.

The two primary points of discussion during these sessions were quick wins to reduce smoke and to increase the value and quality of recyclables. Some of the solutions discussed were improving waste pick up, adopting new sorting procedures, technical and infrastructural improvements at the landfill, and improving communication to the public with regards to recycling.

As the awareness of recycling and a clean environment is growing within the community and with the help of recently hired Project Manager for Waste Management, Coulton Johnson, we are confident that we can achieve the first improvements in the coming year.

The main conclusion of the workshop was that more effort should be directed towards increasing waste separation at the household level and emphasizing the benefits of separation, such as reduced burning of waste and a much cleaner working environment for personnel at the facility. Ensuring that waste is picked up on schedule and in a manner consistent with waste management goals of the Public Entity Saba.

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