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Executive Council on Coronavirus + Q & A

Saba, March 3rd, 2020

Dear All,

In light of the recent confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in very close proximity to Saba. The Public Health Department has compiled a list of frequently asked questions on the virus to distribute to the community.

All of us need to practice good hygiene regularly, especially for those that are traveling off-island in the coming weeks.

The Public Entity Saba, Airport, Harbor, Saba Health Care, and the Public Health Department are fully aware of the necessary protocol required for any suspected COVID-19 cases, screening by the immigration services was also further enhanced, and they also continue to monitor the situation thoroughly both on the island and internationally to safeguard the people of Saba.

Measures are in place to handle any suspected cases that may occur on Saba, to help contain the virus.

Remember, to continue to follow information from our health authorities on the island and the Government Information Services to get accurate and reliable information on COVID-19 and the situation on Saba.

Trusting to have informed you appropriately, we remain,

Sincerely yours,

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba,
The Island Secretary.             The Act. Island Governor.

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