Tuesday , February 27 2024

Bonaire stops flights from Europe and bans cruise ships from mooring

Dutch news agency NOS reports that, following Curaçao and Aruba, Bonaire has also closed its airport for incoming flights from Europe. The measure will apply until March 30.

The decision was taken after consultation with various Dutch ministries. Cruise ships are also banned. This will apply for the next 30 days. Governor Edison Rijna stresses that no corona virus infection has yet been detected on the island. There are also no suspicious cases. The fact that these measures are being promulgated is because the island does not have the capacity to manage a large-scale outbreak of the virus.

According to the government, flights from other areas may also be banned as soon as there would be cause.

Earlier today, Governor Rijna had stated that residents should not be worried that the virus will spread via visiting cruise tourists. Cruise ship passengers are only allowed on land, after the ship has provided the harbor master with a valid document regarding the health of the people on board, a Maritime Declaration of Health. Flight passengers are monitored at the airport. The Marechaussee is checking passengers arriving from a high-risk location.

The situation changed rapidly.


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