Thursday , December 7 2023

No more passenger flights from Europe with St. Maarten and BES Islands as final destination

The central government in The Hague has decided that all passenger flights from Europe to the BES Islands will be stopped as of Saturday, Mach 14, 8 pm (Dutch time). There will also be no more flights from Europe to St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba. This restriction will be valid until March 27, 6 pm (Dutch time).

Todays letter from Min. Bruins  to the Second Chamber only applies to the travel from The Netherlands. The travel between the islands is not restricted by this letter, but St. Maarten and the BES Islands may be applying additional restrictions. At this time it is not known if Winair flights between the islands will be affected.

The restriction only applies to passenger flights towards the islands. Freight is exempted.

The exemption also applies for essential medical referrals.

The letter of Min. Bruins to the Second Chamber is HERE (in Dutch).

St. Maarten cancels Int’l. flights from US, Europe, UK for two weeks from Tuesday, March 17. Regional air and sea travel not affected.
Bonaire stops flights from Europe and bans cruise ships from mooring