Saturday , September 30 2023

Monday, March 23: Address from Island Governor Jonathan Johnson on Covid-19

Address Island Governor Jonathan Johnson on Monday, March 23, 2020

GIS Saba

Winair suspends office and flight operations
Amazing: Statia education stakeholders agree to keep schools open


  1. Both my twin boys are graduates of Saba medical school and now working in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, besides being internal medicine specialist, cardiologists, intensive care specialists, they are also medical researchers. There are so many people in Saba, I am so grateful for while my boys were living there! I very much care about well been of people of SABA! Please take my kids following message to heart! We are all fighting this pandemic war together! Be Safe!

    Huban Nath

  2. This is so True! I have already got a case of large waters, and working on Human & Animal Comforts… in the store room below our duplex! Incase the three of us, one cat and four dogs end up down there!
    Thanking You..Our Esteemed Governor for early warnings and advice! Well Given & Taken!