Thursday , November 30 2023

Hospital on Bonaire expands with 11 medical specialists and 2 air ambulances

In addition, Fundashon Mariadal has asked to arrange expansion of medical specialists to come over in collaboration with the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AUMC). Because the airspace is closed, medical specialists may only be flown in with the permission of the Island Governor.

These medical specialists will remain in joint quarantine for two weeks after arrival. This is necessary because the Netherlands is designated as a risk area. During quarantine they will prepare and write protocols tailored to the local situation. Hereafter they will be ready to join the other doctors in the hospital to support Fundashon Mariadal.

All this is in preparation so that adequate action can be taken when the situation arises of several severe ill Corona patients. These initiatives serve the purpose to be ready for a “worst case scenario”. Eighty percent of people who have the Coronavirus only get slightly ill. Twenty percent have mild complaints and a few of the twenty percent may have serious complaints, which require specialist help. This help is guaranteed with the support of the additional specialists. At the moment Bonaire is still free from contaminations, but should this change, good medical help is available.

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