Saturday , January 28 2023

Thursday, March 26: now 10 confirmed coronavirus cases on French side

A new coronavirus COVID-19 case on Thursday confirmed by regional health authority ARS has brought the number of active cases in St. Martin to date up to 10.

The new case is one of six hospitalized. Three are in the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital and three in the University Hospital of Guadeloupe CHU (the latter includes the latest case, the pregnant woman transferred last week, and one case repatriated to his country of origin.)

Four other patients are currently confined to their homes. Two former patients in St. Martin recovered and were allowed to leave the island.

St. Barths declared two new cases on Thursday, bringing the total active cases there to four. One former patient has recovered.

ARS insists that persons returning to St. Martin and St. Barths must absolutely respect the 14-day isolation period. Furthermore, the confinement measures for St. Martin must be strictly respected. Do not leave home unless absolutely necessary, and only in possession of one of the two waiver documents downloadable from the website or Facebook page of the Préfecture.

The Daily Herald

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