Wednesday , February 1 2023

On the French side: One new COVID 19 patient, but three patients recovered, ARS confirms

Regional Health Authority ARS reported one new case in St. Martin on Wednesday, but also disclosed three patients have recovered from coronavirus COVID-19.

The current figure is seven hospitalized (including the latest case) and seven are isolating at home. Since the pandemic began St. Martin has had 22 cases.  Five of those have now recovered, two patients died, and one was evacuated to Miami, Florida.

In St. Barths five persons have recovered and one is still in isolation at home.

ARS stressed that the purpose of containment is to reduce social interaction to limit spread of the virus. Only by limiting the number of infections can the epidemic be effectively stemmed or slowed down.

“It is imperative that we all see ourselves as carriers of the virus and adopt the right behavior,” ARS indicated in its bulletin. “Because even a negative test can be false in a case of poor sampling or loading. And the viral load in some people is too low (especially with those people who show few or no symptoms.

“We really must keep our distance and respect containment of the virus. Stay at home and follow the hygiene barrier measures regularly. We continue to appeal to everyone to apply and respect the national instructions.”

The Daily Herald

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