Tuesday , February 27 2024

Dutch side records 9th COVID-19 death, five persons now recovered

The ninth person in Dutch St. Maarten who tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19 passed away at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) on Thursday evening, while a total of five persons have now recovered from the highly infectious virus.

The latest victim is a male, who had been in critical condition at SMMC for a week before his passing and had underlying medical issues, which Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said “is a terrible prescription for death when it comes to COVID-19.”

Up to Friday, a total of 134 persons had been in self isolation; 202 in self quarantine; 1 hospitalized and in critical condition, 50 positive (34 males and 16 females), one case is still pending results and one case is inconclusive.

In giving an update on the COVID-patients who had been admitted to SMMC, she said a total of 12 patients had been admitted to SMMC since the outbreak began in St. Maarten. One patient is still admitted; five have been discharged “in good condition,” and are either isolated at home or in government’s isolation facility and six have passed away. The patient who passed away on Thursday evening had been admitted to SMMC for a week and had been in critical condition. All six persons who passed away at SMMC had “many underlying other medical issues” such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and either heart or lung disease.

Jacobs said during a national address on Friday evening that each of the persons who have passed away is one person too many. She reiterated her call for persons to be diligent, safe and to stay at home if you have no cause to be on the streets.

Jacobs said she and Chief of Police Carl John have been receiving hundred and thousands of requests for persons to go on the road and many are being denied. She urged persons not to send the same requests repeatedly and to reserve the requests for persons with an urgent need to be on the road.

The Daily Herald.

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