Friday , March 1 2024

Saba coronavirus-free to date, pneumonia patient flown out

Whereas Saba remains coronavirus free, Island Governor Jonathan Johnson informed Friday that one resident would have to be flown out on a medevac emergency flight as this person was suffering of a severe case of pneumonia.

The person was admitted into A.M. Edwards Medical Center earlier on Friday but was not shown any signs of improvement. Johnson said that as a precaution the COVID-19 protocol will be carried out during the medevac operation. The patient was tested for COVID-19. The test results were expected later on Friday.

The patient was admitted in St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) around 7:00pm.

Governor Johnson said that previously 18 persons were tested for the coronavirus in Saba and all 18 tests came back negative. Currently there are three persons in quarantine.

The Daily Herald.

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