Wednesday , October 4 2023

Statia takes measures to protect civil servants

To continue providing service to the com­munity the public entity St. Eustatius has introduced in­ternal measures to safeguard its workers during the current coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, while at the same time allowing vital functions to continue providing service.

Measures were taken in con­nection with the decisions to close schools and the closure of day-care and afterschool services. Employees with children up to and including 12 years old, especially those working in vital functions who cannot work from home with­out proper care for their chil­dren, are currently working in morning or afternoon shifts.

To adhere to social distanc­ing, government offices are now manned by fewer per­sons. Computers have been relocated to the home, where civil servants continue to carry out their daily tasks and as­signments.

With schools being closed, civ­il servants are given the option to select a safe and trustworthy babysitter for which the cost will be reimbursed. Employees in vital functions can hire child­care service for their children.

Employees can arrange this on their own with a friend, family member or someone they consider fit to care for their child in their absence. The government employee can declare the hours which are paid to the employee, who in turn can pay the babysitter. Fee for the service rendered is a maximum US $10 per hour.

The essential functions within the government organ­isation are Island Secretary; communication advisor; in­formation and protocol; tech­nical employee; social media specialist/all-round communi­cation advisor; director of so­cial domain; (assistant) social workers; Health Department doctors and nurses; manager of social support; front office and information technology employees; Health and Econ­omy inspectors; veterinarian; butchers; and cleaners.

Meetings of civil servants will take place at a distance, through online communica­tion tools such as Zoom or Skype. Opening hours of pub­lic offices have been adjusted.

The public is encouraged to contact agencies by telephone or email and pay outstanding bills by digital transfer, rather than cash.

All these steps are to allow the public entity to keep de­livering vital services, while conforming to measures of the Emergency Ordinance, including social distancing and avoiding groups of more than 15 persons.

The Daily Herald.


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