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Another COVID-19 case in St. Maarten, now 64

WYCCF to provide assistance to SMMC

St. Maarten’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 have increased by one push­ing the total number of cases to 64 as of Friday, April 17.

Epidemiologist and Head of Collective Pre­vention Services (CPS) Eva Lista-de Weever said during a press con­ference on Friday eve­ning that all 64 persons have been identified and are currently being mon­itored by CPS.

“To contain the epi­demic, we continue to focus our resources and our efforts on the back­bone of our response, which is isolating, test­ing and contact-tracing,” she said.

CPS has recently re­ceived the support of four additional staff members from the Neth­erlands to provide help and assistance to CPS in its efforts.

“We are also currently working with volunteers to actively canvas neigh­bourhoods to identify persons who are display­ing any flu-like signs and symptoms. The reasons we’re doing this work and going into the com­munity is to make the testing more accessible, to make the process more efficient and to reach as many people as we can. I encourage persons who are symp­tomatic to either alert volunteers when you see them in your neighbour­hood, to call your doctor or 914,” Lista-de Weever added.

“Please do not hesitate to do so. We are there to find persons early on and the sooner we iden­tify cases or suspected cases the sooner we can contain further trans­mission and ensure that persons receive proper care and follow-up.”

Emergency Services Function 6 (ESF 6) coordinator and Head of Public Health Fenna ArneII said in her up­date during the press conference that St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) has increased its admission capac­ity. She said the pavilion dedicated to providing medium care will be operational this week­end, as well as the hos­pitainer that will serve as an intensive care unit dedicated to COVID-19 positive patients.

White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYC­CF) has also stepped up to assist SMMC by cre­ating space within its facilities to admit per­sons no longer in need of hospital care, but still in need of nursing care. Arnell said that doing so allows SMMC to further deal with the increase of care that is expected due to COVID-19.

The Daily Herald.

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