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Saba extends curfew, fines to be handed out

The two-week man­datory lockdown in Saba, which went into force on Sunday, April 12, has been extended with immediate effect to include essential workers with a pass. All persons must now remain at home daily from 7:00pm to 6:00am, Island Governor Jonathan Johnson said Fri­day in his daily coronavirus COVID-19 update.

Persons whose jobs re­quire them to be out dur­ing the curfew hours are allowed to do such. The Police Force Caribbean Netherlands KPCN has a list of these persons, Saba Government Information Services stated.

Johnson said it had come to his attention that there were still people on the road who should not have been there.

“This has to stop,” he said, as the emergency measures taken by the public entity were imposed for the pro­tection of every resident.
“Unfortunately, a few are not listening, and some are abusing their personal pass by driving up and down more than is needed.”

Therefore, a daily night­time curfew has been im­posed for all residents of Saba, including those with a pass.

The police have been le­nient during the first days of the lockdown, by giv­ing warnings to those not adhering to the rules per­taining to the lockdown, but when people keep dis­regarding the rules fines will be given, the governor warned.

“This is a community ef­fort. If you see something not falling in line with the measures, or which is not an essential service, please call the police,” he said.

The governor stated Friday that the number of positive COVID-19 cases remains at two, with 69 persons quarantined. The number of persons tested was at 44,
of whom 25 tested negative and 17 tests were pending. This may be good news, the governor said, but it does not mean that people should let their guards down. Social distancing, good hygiene and the rules of the lockdown should be maintained.

He urged the clients of supermarkets to be patient, as the delivery of groceries is a new phenomenon on the island. Addressing con­cerns within the commu­nity about safety practices used to carry out deliveries, Johnson said the Health Department has visited the supermarkets and has instructed these businesses on best practices.

He stressed that the is­land government will keep working with residents and businesses to ensure that essential services can con­tinue. However, he urged residents to delay non-ur­gent matters until a later time.

The Daily Herald.

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