Thursday , February 9 2023

Winair extends its closures into May

Due to gov­ernment’s extension of the lockdown, Windward Is­lands Airways International Winair said on Monday that its sales office and call cen­tre will remain closed until May 11, while all scheduled flights remain discontinued until further notice.

The airline is still open for charter services. These can be performed every day from 8:00am to 5:00pm, provided protocols permit the requested flight(s).

“We advise our custom­ers to regularly check our website or our Facebook page, where we will update the public on any changes that may oc­cur.

“Customers that had a flight scheduled during this period, please rest assured that we will contact you as soon as possible once the lockdown is lifted and it is safe for our employees to return to work.

“You will receive a vouch­er for future travel and change fees will be waived. Take your time to reorgan­ise your travel plans, as you have a whole year to decide when to use it.

“In these difficult times Winair would like to ex­press heartfelt gratitude to all frontline workers that keep us safe and healthy as well as tend to those most affected by this virus.

“The ones that are sick and the ones who have lost the battle against the virus, we have in our prayers and wish them and their family and friends much strength.

“We thank you, our cus­tomers and stakeholders for your support, patience and confidence. Winair apologises for the incon­venience caused to our customers due to these unprecedented conditions, which are beyond our con­trol,” said the airline in a press release on Monday.

The Daily Herald.

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