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Wednesday, April 22: St. Maarten Covid-19 status

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs announced on Wednesday that there are 12 COVID-19 related deaths now on St. Maarten, Jacobs said one person who died in recent days also tested positive.
Prime Minister Jacobs said that one person that was on a ventilator at SMMC also lost the battle to COVID-19.

The Prime Minister said her thoughts and prayers are with the families that have lost love ones, especially since these family members are not able to properly grieve, or have funeral services to bid farewell to their loved ones. Jacobs said St. Maarten has to follow international standards and either bury or cremate COVID-19 victims. She said that the government stands in solidarity with these families by flying their flags at the half masks.

Currently, CPS is following 37 active cases, 130 persons are quarantined, 95 persons in insolation, 258 persons were tested. Of those 72 were tested positive, (51 males, and 21 females). 141 negatives, 44 pending, while 22 persons have recovered.

Jacobs said that St. Maarten received another 5 ventilators on Tuesday since 6 of the ventilators SMMC received earlier were not compatible with St. Maarten.

Jacobs called on residents to stay at home, especially those persons on quarantine, she said those persons are not allowed to leave their homes not even for shopping. She said persons in isolation should not leave their rooms.

Jacobs urged residents that are having flu-like symptoms should get tested, she said if persons are tested early they could get the necessary medical assistance that could save their lives. The Prime Minister also called on residents to remove the stigma towards COVID-19, she cautioned that those persons who are busy taping CPS teams when they are seen in the community testing.

The Prime Minister said that at least two persons died at home who did not contact CPS to get the medical help they would have needed. She said because of this CPS is not able to trace the contacts these victims may have had.

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