Friday , December 1 2023

St. Maarten: At-risk persons refusing COVID-19 test may face legal repercussions

Persons displaying flu-like symptoms who are refusing to be tested as Collective Prevention Services (CPS) continues its community outreach campaign are forewarned of legal discipline.

“CPS continues our fight against COVID-19 and I would like to encourage persons, once you have been approached, to get tested as soon as possible,” Prime Minister and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Chairperson Silveria Jacobs cautioned during Wednesday’s press briefing.

Jacobs advised that each person who does not consent to being tested is a risk to the community. She said persons showing symptoms have been cautioned to remain at home. However, this has not always been adhered to.

Jacobs warned those persons who are not abiding by the mandate and are considered a risk to public safety that they would be taken to court. These persons would then be placed in mandatory isolation and tested as there are laws to support this.

“You do not want us to execute the law that is available. It is your right as a human being to choose what to do but if you are taking actions that put the rest of the population in danger, such as leaving your home once you have been told to remain in isolation because you have symptoms – you should [not – Ed.] do this,” she said.

She appealed to such persons to show cooperation with CPS and be compliant. “[By] knowing your status, you will then come into consideration for the medication related to COVID-19 which is seeing all the great recovery that we have been [having],” she said.

She added, “All of the persons that have passed away were persons with serious underlying medical conditions. Had they notified CPS within the first five days they would have been receiving the medications that could have saved their lives.”

She encouraged persons to “Save a life, save your life, save your family member’s life; report to 914 and get tested.”

The Daily Herald.

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