Tuesday , May 30 2023

Sunday, April 26: Covid-19 update by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson

4 more Covid-19 test results are in, and all of them are negative.

There are 14 people now in quarantine, 76 negative test results, 2 positive results, and 2 tests pending.

To clarify the exemption which refers to recreational fishing:

This applies only to license holders who must request advance permission to fish via info@sabaogv.nl and will be limited to one day per week, with only the Captain and 1 crew allowed.

Below is the address of Island Governor Jonathan Johnson on Covid-19 status on Sunday, April 26.

Please be patient if you have a slow internet connection.

The European Commission has published a page addressing issues related to inline rumors and fake news. You can find that HERE.

GIS Saba

Reduction in ferry, electricity, Internet prices in Saba, Statia
4 more test results are in, and all of them are negative.

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  1. I feel like anyone under 18 should be tested since they can be asymptomatic