Wednesday , February 8 2023

Saba Health Care Foundation starts with “New Normal” on Monday, 11th

Dear community,

Starting this Monday the 11th of May we will start working with our’ New Normal’. We would like to update you on how the medical center will proceed and what these changes mean for you.

Emergency Room
– The emergency room is available 24/7. You must call before coming to the hospital; 416-3288 Ext 221
– Patients coming to the ER can have a maximum of 1 accompaniment.

– The designated care contact of a patient admitted is their only allowed visitor.

– The Clinic will be available for tele-consultations and prescription request on weekdays; 416-3288 Ext 220 or 251
– We are not open for walk-ins
– All patients are encouraged to call before 10 am. Phone calls after 10 am will be handled the following day unless it is an emergency.
– When asked by the medical specialist to come to the clinic please note that there will be designated seating in the waiting room observing 1,5m.
– No accompaniment when visiting the clinic unless patient is underage, then 1 caregiver is allowed

– All previous lab forms are voided. All patients need new referral forms from their physician via Teleclinic;
416-3288 Ext 220 or 251

Home Health
– In the coming period all of our Home Health patients will be visited by our care staff again

All of our patients and visitors will be asked COVID related safety questions before entering the Medical Center and getting into contact with our staff members.

We thank the community for their cooperation and patience thus far with all measures put in place for a healthy and safe community.


Information concerning re-opening Saba Comprehensive School
Citizens of the U.S, Canada , the EU or the Netherlands, wishing to return home may contact Saba Government