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Information concerning re-opening Saba Comprehensive School

To all parents/guardians of the Saba Comprehensive School

St. John’s, Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Re: Re-opening of school

Dear parent(s)/guardian(s),

The lockdown and the weeks without face-to-face education had (and still have) a huge impact on all of us and we have to adjust to the new normal. Returning to school with this new normal is challenging for many, especially if we are expected to stay away 6 feet from others.

Even though the physical social distance in the school setting is not always easy to achieve, we will try to continue to be the safe learning and working environment for all, maintaining the social distance at all times for students and staff.

This letter serves to inform you about the measures put in place in our attempt to battle the COVID-19. If the measures raise questions or if you would like some more clarity, you are kindly requested to contact a member of the management directly. Also please do check the Q&A Factsheet at the end of this letter.

In general

Teachers have noticed that some students have performed (exceptionally) well in the online learning environment. To continue to challenge these students we have decided to start SCS Online High, the online version of the Saba Comprehensive School, yet more challenging. Also, students who have a chronic illness will be required to attend SCS Online High. The students and parents/guardians have been contacted as such and a special ZOOM-information session for our E-School will be scheduled this week to provide more information and to answer any questions.

Students who do not qualify for SCS Online High will be required to be back in school on Monday, May 18, 2020. Classes start at 7:15 am. They will have class according to their regular schedule, but on Wednesdays they are free to stay home to work on assignments, projects, and study for tests. Teachers are available for support they might need.

Key points

–       Students are required to adhere to the strict hygiene and social distance guidelines at our locations (Technical Center, St. John’s, and Office416).

–       Students with any flu-like symptoms are requested to stay home and parents/guardians have to inform the SCS Administration. If a student shows any symptoms, you will be notified and he/she will be sent home.

–       Parents/guardians/visitors are NOT allowed to enter the SCS until further notice, except with an exemption (to be obtained from the SCS Principal). Parent < > Teacher meetings will be held online / via phone.

–       In an effort to limit interactions, no food deliveries will be allowed. Students can purchase items from the SCS Cafeteria or they can bring their own lunch/snacks/drinks from home. The water fountains may NOT be used and students are required to bring their own water bottle.

–       The classrooms and restrooms will be cleaned / disinfected regularly. This includes doorknobs, light switches and desks/chairs. Special attention will be given to shared computers and the telephones.

–       After school clubs and extracurricular activities will resume as of Monday, June 1 on a voluntary basis for activity leaders and students. E-Clubs may be an option.

–       School busses are running as normal. Parents/guardians are encouraged to bring/pick up their child/children to/from school if possible.

–       Face masks and gloves are not necessary.

–       PE Classes will continue according to the schedule. The PE Teacher will use activities that are based on limited physical contact and/or sharing of materials.

–       Walking routes have been put in place when using the stairs and SCS Cafeteria, as well as when switching classes.

–       All students and staff must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the school, upon entering the classrooms, before and after breaks and at the end of the day before leaving.

In closing

The SCS appointed a new member of staff as Safety Officer, especially to ensure that the safety measures put in place are practiced / carried out.

I am fully aware that some of the measures taken will have consequences for you and/or your child/children. I do trust that you will collaborate with us as much as possible and that you will share any concerns that you might have with us. Only if we are aware of the concerns can we discuss them and move forward.

Thanking you for your continuous support. Respectfully,

Anton Hermans

Principal Saba Comprehensive School

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