Saturday , January 28 2023

Canadian – American – Dutch volunteer team maintains Saba trails

The Saba Conservation Foundation expresses their sincere appreciation to the Canadian / American / Dutch volunteer team for their dedicated work here on Saba, once again!

This year they reconstructed the Middle Island Trail, benched an eroding section of the Spring Bay Trail and at Kelbey’s Ridge, built additional steps and maintained the Elfin Forest Trail, among others.

Sam Naber maintaining the Elfin Trail

We really appreciate their unwavering support and commitment to the island for the 28th year since the Canadian Bruce Trail group first came to the island to help restore the historic trail network!

Left to right: Paul Fleuren, Roger King, Ingrid Gerlofsma, Gerry Gerlofsma at the Sandy Cruz trail head

Special thanks go to Gerry and Ingrid Gerolfsma, Paul and Susan Fleuren, Roger King, Sam Naber, and Lew Daws!

Saba Conservation Foundation

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  1. Rich Provenzano

    The’re a hard working group who love the island.
    Good to see them recognized for the hard work they do