Wednesday , February 1 2023

Muller stays on as Island Secretary – Move to Bonaire cancelled

Tim Muller, Island Secretary of Saba, was to start as Island Secretary of Bonaire in May 2020. This transfer will no longer take place. The reason for this decision is a combination of the coronavirus crisis situation, Saba’s vulnerability and personal considerations.

Tim Muller
Photo GIS Saba

The decision was taken in close consultation with representatives of the Executive Council of both Saba and Bonaire. In the past months, Muller has worked on various comprehensive files for the Caribbean Netherlands which are also of importance for Bonaire. That cooperation will be fortified in the coming period, as well as with the ministries in The Hague.

Bonaire will shortly start the recruitment process for a new Island Secretary. Bonaire’s Executive Council said it had been looking forward to Muller’s start as the new Island Secretary, but understands his decision given the exceptional circumstances.

GIS Saba

BES-Reporter announced Mullers decision as follows:


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