Saturday , February 4 2023

Police warns for consequences of Covid-19 on Cybercrime within the Caribbean Netherlands

In addition to crime in the physical form, the Dutch Caribbean Police Force also investigates cybercrime developments. Even during these difficult times in which Covid-19 plays a very important role, we continue to monitor this aspect.

Data traffic has exploded worldwide due to the growth in the number of people who work from home and the influx of people using the internet. Criminals abuse this situation in various ways.

Globally, but also within the Caribbean Netherlands, we deal with the following methods of cybercrime:

Scams through phishing emails. People receive email messages that seem to come from authentic companies / institutions such as banks, the government, tax authorities, etc. Often the emotion / safety of the customers is responded to and they are asked to perform an action by pressing a clicking a hyperlink, which leads to a fake web page. After logging in to this, the criminal has taken over the login details and can abuse them.

Ransomware: opening an attachment of an email message, after which the computer is taken over for ransomware. Only after paying a certain amount of the ransomware, often in cryptocurrency, can the computer be opened again.

Malware: the deliberate distribution of malware via email messages or websites. By means of malware, victims’ computers can be viewed and passwords can be retrieved. This allows abuse of the person’s accounts.

Fake news: Various social media messages, news reports and websites are distributed to cause unrest about the current world situations. Often there are political goals behind it, but sometimes the motives are also economic or criminal.

Especially during this COVID-19 crisis, it is important that people only use authentic sources and websites and that they do not click on email messages of which the origin is not clear. Government agencies and banks will never request customer login credentials, especially via email. Various methods are also used via Facebook and WhatsApp to defraud people or obtain user data.

REPORT CYBERCRIME to the police!

Reporting Cybercrime does not happen often enough. Each report helps investigate the source and awareness of Cybercrime. Have you received a strange mail and do you think it may contain Cybercrime? Then send the mail to together with your name and telephone number so that the investigation department can get started.


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