Sunday , February 5 2023

Extension of emergency measures in the Caribbean Netherlands

Entrepreneurs and people who have lost their jobs because of the corona crisis will also receive financial support in the coming months. Both the emergency regulation from SZW for support in wage costs and the contribution from EZK for fixed business expenses will be extended by a period of four months, until October 12th 2020 at the latest.

Emergency regulation SZW
To prevent employers from having to fire employees, they could already make use of SZW’s emergency regulation for the period between March 13th to June 12th, 2020. Independent entrepreneurs or people who no longer have an employer because of the coronavirus, were already entitled to this provision. Due to the continuing impact of the measures regarding the coronavirus, this regulation is extended.

Employers who already use the regulation, do not have to submit a new application. However, they must submit a statement in which they fill in the expected deployment of their personnel until October 12th, 2020. Even if the situation does not change from their original application, a statement must be submitted. After receipt of this statement and after processing the data, the RCN-unit SZW can proceed with further payment.

Independent entrepreneurs and former employees who receive the allowance directly do not have to submit a statement. If there are any changes regarding their income, they must, as is currently the case, report this immediately to the RCN unit SZW.

EZK allowance
Entrepreneurs who are affected by the corona measures and who have to deal with high fixed costs in the period from March 13th to June 12th, 2020, were already able to receive a contribution from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) since April 23rd. The allowance is a one-time payment of $ 4400 or $ 2200. Because the Ministry of EZK has no implementing organization in the Caribbean Netherlands, the RCN-unit SZW implements this regulation.

The SZW unit is having conversations with the Ministry of EZK, the local Chambers of Commerce and representatives from the business community to find out how an extension of this allowance can be implemented. The extension will cover the period from June 13th to October 12th, 2020. Customization for the Caribbean Netherlands is necessary for the feasibility of the regulation.

Additional information
As soon as the exact conditions are known, they will be shared via under ‘Government Emergency Package’. The renewal statement form will also be published on this website. Entrepreneurs on Bonaire can address questions to and request advice from the Chamber of Commerce via


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