Sunday , October 1 2023

Government starts to address the goat issues

The Public Entity Saba welcomes Mr. Justin Simmons-de Jong as the coordinator for goat control, agriculture, and nature.

Mr. Justin Simmons-de Jong, coordinator for goat control, agriculture, and nature on Saba

In this role, he will coordinate the Public Entity’s goat control project as well as other upcoming projects in the fields of sustainable agriculture and nature. Justin comes with a diverse background in project coordination and liaising with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, a passion for animal husbandry and hands-on experience in responsible goat farming. Having raised goats for most of his life and with a small Boer goat farm of his own, he is no stranger to these animals.

On his new role and vision for Saba, he says, “There’s so much potential and a need for sustainable agriculture here. It’s important to remember that we live on an island surrounded by sea and the last stop of many steps in a supply chain of food. Together with my new colleagues here at the Public Entity Saba, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and other key stakeholders, I’m excited to work toward developing a more self-sustainable and secure Saba.”

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  1. Lara Kirkpatrick

    Congratulations, Justin!

  2. Lara Kirkpatrick

    Congratulations, Justin!