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Frequently Asked Questions concerning Saba’s Borders

Are the borders of Saba open?

Saba’s borders are still closed, with the exception of essential travel.

What is Essential travel?

Essential travel refers to;
1. Saban residents returning
2. Essential workers
3. Medical referrals

Can I come to Saba for the summer vacation?

As long as the borders remain closed, the only exception is essential travel.

What is the BES bubble?

The BES bubble is an initiative for essential travel without quarantine restrictions between the BES-islands. When the situation on either of the islands within the bubble changes, like borders opening to other countries this initiative will be re-evaluated.

Why can’t I travel to islands in the BES bubble?

As our borders are closed so are the borders of Bonaire and St. Eustatius, and essential travel is the only travel permitted.

Can I travel to St. Maarten?

The government of St. Maarten only allows St. Maarten residents to return to St. Maarten at the moment and medical travel, no visitors. There are also no regular commercial transport options between Saba and St. Maarten.

Why do people traveling from medical referrals to St. Maarten have to go into 14 days quarantine?

The risk on St Maarten is significantly lower now than it was several weeks ago, however a recent new case on the French side indicates that the virus may not be fully contained. 14 days is the maximum incubation period, that means the maximum time between when people are infected and when they get sick.

Can I travel when the borders open?

Travel is dependent on the options for regular flights and/or ferries to and from Saba.
I am a resident of Saba, how do I get back?
Please contact the Public Entity Saba via

For more specific information please send a mail to

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