Saturday , February 4 2023

Exemption from quarantine

The Public Entity Saba now allows an exemption from quarantine for persons visiting St Maarten for medical reasons that adhere to the new measures in place by ZVK.

-Patients and companions make use of a mask and adhere to the hygiene and social distancing guidelines, and make use of transportation provided by ZVK
-Patients must make use of the transportation and facilities provided by ZVK and avoid contact with other persons as much as possible. They should not leave this facility for reasons other than their medical appointment. Their food will be arranged.

-Overnight stay will be reduced to a minimum, ZVK will arrange a hotel if necessary and the catering of food.

(Measures are always subject to change based on the evaluation of the risks for Saba)

GIS Saba.

One new COVID-19 case reported on French Side
Entry And Quarantine Policy Saba