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Entry and quarantine policy Saba – July 10, 2020

Reference is made to the entry and quarantine policy of Saba and the latest emergency ordinance Covid-19 dated June 30, 2020.

This is the updated risk categorization of countries as of July 10. Further explanation is provided regarding the decision for this categorization per country.
This update now also includes the in-between categories of yellow and green and orange and red. The reason to make this further differentiation is that the country can be of low risk, but still due to circumstances not as low as Saba.

For the green and orange combination, this means that travel to and from this country can be opened more without quarantine requirements, but that complete opening for leisure and tourism is still not advised.

All persons that want to enter Saba can email to ask approval from the Island Governor, requests are dealt with case by case.


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