Thursday , February 9 2023

Winair adds flight to Statia, drops some flights to Saba

Windward Is­lands Airways International Winair has added a weekly service to St. Eustatius and dropped two of the three weekly services to Saba, the airline announced in a press release on Thursday. Winair’s itinerary to Anti­gua and St. Barths remains unchanged, with flights scheduled five days per week.

The airline announced last week that it had indefinitely suspended its Statia flights due to the Statia govern­ment’s revised admittance policy, which elevated St. Maarten from a low-risk country to a medium-risk country.

Winair said it has added a weekly flight to Statia “in keeping with the most re­cent protocols.” Winair will now operate two flights to Statia on Fridays only.

Winair dropped its Mon­day and Thursday services to Saba, which was expect­ed since the Saba govern­ment announced on Tues­day that it has re-imposed a mandatory two-week quar­antine on passengers trav­elling to the island from St. Maarten. The airline will still operate two flights to Saba on Fridays.

“These services will offer travellers of both Saba and St. Eustatius the ability to visit St. Maarten for day trips, medical needs, etcet­era. These flights also of­fer connections to Europe via [Royal Dutch Airlines — Ed.] KLM flights and other airlines serving St. Maarten.

“The COVID-19 proto­cols for Saba and St. Eu­statius are currently similar and do not allow touristic visitors, causing limited de­mand. With these limited services, Saba and St. Eu­statius enjoy connectivity to St. Maarten in these dif­ficult times.

“Our customers are ad­vised to ensure they ref­erence the local govern­ments’ entry requirements for departure and re-entry into their respective travel destinations. On Winair’s website you will find the links to the respective pro­tocols and requirements.

“Winair remains grateful to our customers for their confidence and patronage in these difficult times. Our Winair team is committed to ensure safe and reliable service,” said the airline on Thursday.

The Daily Herald.

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