Wednesday , February 21 2024

Public Entity Saba contracted Cadwell Inc. to remove waste from the Island and sustainably recycle It

The protection of the environment of Saba is critical to ensure the economic and environmental sustainability of the island. To that effect, waste needs to be removed from the landfill and transported off-island for recycling. Cadwell Inc. has been contracted to do this. Hiring local people from the island to remove the waste and fill the containers, will also help stimulate the local economy. This is paramount today, as many islands in the Caribbean are on the verge of bankruptcies due to the COVID-19 pandemic stripping them from their primary sources of income – tourism.

Lots of material to recycle …..

The profits from the recycled and repurposed materials will go back to Public Entity Saba. A percentage of the profits also go towards the Light of Hope Foundation, which installs LED lights into the local schools, orphanages, and churches. This initiative allows for the transformation of the lives of the local community by offering children essential utilities to further support human well-being and development and promote education.

To date, Cadwell Inc. has been the first company that has removed and recycled more than 3.4 million pounds of waste from the Caribbean islands. By working together with the government of Saba, the partnership supports the island’s long-term environmental and sustainability efforts.
“Using modern technology to sustainably recycle and repurpose the materials that get removed from the landfills, you are able to use less energy and trap negative chemicals so that nothing but clean energy is released back into the environment. This reduces smoke and thereby increases the value and quality of the recyclables” said Andrew Cadwell (CEO Cadwell Inc.).

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  1. Good!!! (at last)
    And now better separation of recycleble waste by inhabitants and companies?

  2. Good!!! (at last)
    And now better separation of recycleble waste by inhabitants and companies?