Tuesday , March 5 2024

Saba reopens after passing of Tropical Storm Isaias

The tropical storm warning issued in connection with the passing of Tropical Storm Isaias on Wednesday was lifted as of 5:00am Thursday, after a mad survey was completed. Nor­mal activities were resuming, Island Governor of Saba Jona­than Johnson said in a public statement on Thursday afternoon. Government services will reopen today, Friday, July 31, he said. Fort Bay harbour already reopened on Thursday eve­ning.

Johnson thanked the Department of Public Works and Sani­tation and the private contractors who assisted the commu­nity with their preparations for the storm’s passing.

“We are fortunate that we were spared most of the forecast­ed impact of what is now Tropical Storm Isaias. However, we are in the midst of the hurricane season, and this may not be the case next time. As we all know, the weather is unpredict­able, and we need to be prepared. I am, therefore, urging the community to continue to make all necessary preparations now,” he said.

Do not wait until the last minute, Johnson told the resi­dents of Saba. “It is impossible to accomplish everything that is needed in the couple of hours or days before a storm ap­proach. Clear your yard of debris, have your hurricane kits ready, stock your cupboards, ensure that your houses are pro­tected and secure your garbage bins and any material which maybe can become mobile in a storm.”

This also goes for contractors and any construction materials at job sites, he said.

“Continue to stay informed of any upcoming weather sys­tems which may pose a threat to us by following our Public Entity Saba Facebook page or via WhatsApp,” said Johnson.

The Daily Herald.

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