Sunday , February 5 2023

Heatwave hits Netherlands

The Netherlands is in for a heatwave over the next six days at least, with temperatures reaching the low thirties Celsius (C) (86-89 Fahrenheit (F)), accompanied by plenty of sunshine.

There could be some clouds around by Sunday, but in the main it will be hot and sunny nationwide, with temperatures up to 29C (84F) in the north and 34C (93F) in the deep south of the country, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Insti­tute KNMI weather bureau said.

At night, the temperature will drop to 17-20C (62-68F), of­fering some respite from the day’s heat.

The KNMI says the hot weather will continue well into next week, but there could be thunderstorms by Wednesday. The long-term forecast is for cooler weather into the second half of August, but still with plenty of sunny spells.

The Daily Herald.

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