Tuesday , May 30 2023

French side: ARS update declares 29 active COVID-19 cases in St. Martin

Regional health authority ARS reports an increase of sixteen new COVID-19 cases in St. Martin in its August 5 to 8 bulletin bringing total number of confirmed coronavirus cases identified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to 78.

Some 13 of the new cases are due to local community transmission. What would have been 32 active cases is reduced by three patients who have recovered bringing total recoveries to 44. Currently 27 cases are isolating at home and two have been hospitalised, one of whom was transferred to the Guadeloupe hospital.

During this period 255 tests were carried out taking the number of accumulated tests to 1,770.  So far 511 persons have voluntarily taken the free PCR test offered by ARS and the Red Cross.

Some three new cases have been declared in St. Barths (one from local transmission, one imported and one secondary) were recorded, bringing to 13 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR tests.

93 additional tests were carried out for a total number of 1, 612 tests carried out in the territory. Six people have recovered from the virus.

The Daily Herald.

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