Wednesday , February 8 2023

Bonaire, Curacao travellers have to quarantine in Saba

There are currently nineteen people in quaran­tine and there are still two active cases of COVID-19 in Saba, Island Governor Jona­than Johnson said in Tues­day’s coronavirus update.

As the number of cases on other islands continues to rise, especially in Aruba, and considering that Bo­naire and Curacao had their borders open to Aruba dur­ing the past weeks, the risk-profile for these islands has changed to medium. There­fore, Saba’s travel protocol for persons travelling from Bonaire and Curacao has also changed. This means that leisure travel from those islands is no longer al­lowed and quarantine pro­cedures must be followed for any essential travellers coming from there.

Quarantine is not required for patients of Health Insur­ance Office ZVK returning from Bonaire and Curacao if they have travelled under the strict ZVK protocol.
Any incoming travellers from high-risk countries, such as the United States and St. Maarten, are re­quired to go to a central quarantine location in Saba. The traveller will be respon­sible for the purchase and delivery of groceries to this location, as well as paying for the cost of staying there. Saba is currently on alert-level two, and will remain as such for an additional two weeks, if no further de­velopments occur, Johnson said.

Travel during this time is very uncertain, which results in frequently changing trav­el policies and measures. “We, therefore, advise that any persons wishing to trav­el off island for non-essen­tial purposes take this into consideration,” he said.

The organisation of return travel, as well as any addi­tional cost this may incur, will be the responsibility of the traveller, Johnson cau­tioned.

The travel policy that only essential and medical travel­lers, students and residents may enter Saba remains in place. Any person wish­ing to do so must first send an email to to request permission for entry. If the request is approved the person will receive a travel exemption letter, which is needed for travelling and outlines the conditions that must be fol­lowed. Persons without a letter will not be permitted to enter Saba.

“Remember, if you at any time display symptoms which may be related to CO­VID-19, do not go to work, instead isolate yourself at home and call the hospital immediately. Continue to apply strict hand hygiene and physical distancing where possible. Let us continue to work towards keeping the community of Saba safe,” the governor said.

The Daily Herald.

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