Friday , December 1 2023

Drug suspect transferred from Saba to Statia

Members of the St. Eustatius branch of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN received a call from their colleagues in Saba on Monday, August 17, asking them for assistance with housing a suspect who had been arrested in connection with the importing of narcotics in Saba.

The police in Statia complied with the request. Be­cause there are several suspects involved with the drug-smuggling case in Saba, the Saba police wanted to ensure that the detainees were unable to communicate with each other.

Two detectives from KPCN Bonaire who arrived in Statia on Tuesday, August 18, will take over the Saba narcotics investigation. The detectives were scheduled to travel to Statia in connection with another matter, but will also take over this investigation.

Chief Inspector of Basic Police Care in Statia, Robelto Hodge, said Tuesday that suspect D.H., who is allegedly involved with the importing of narcotics in Statia, is still in police custody as the investigation is still ongoing. Asked whether the suspects in the Statia police holding cells would be transported to Bonaire, Hodge stated that this decision has to be made by the Prosecutor who looks into the case and the evidence against the suspects. The strength or weakness of the evidence will deter­mine whether the suspects will be released and given a summons to appear in court, or have to remain in custody until the date of their court hearing.

At that point, the investigating judge will have to evaluate the case and determine whether the evidence against the suspects is strong enough to keep them detained.

Because Saba and Statia only have police holding cells and no official jail, the police can only keep a person in custody in the holding cells for a maximum of 10 days.

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