Tuesday , May 30 2023

Owners of roaming goats share their concerns with Executive Council

On Thursday, September 3rd the Executive Council met with roaming goat owners to listen to some of their concerns regarding the challenges that roaming goats present to various stakeholders on the island.
Owners of roaming goats share their concerns with the Executive Council
The information exchange was in an open and constructive atmosphere. The goat owners shared their ideas on how to find a common ground on solutions to their concerns.
In closing the Island Governor assured the group that the Executive Council will take everything into consideration and meet with the group again.
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One comment

  1. Sometime ago, I shared a suggestion on how the roaming of goats on the island can be addressed
    As it exist at present with the involvement of goat owners, the problem can be speedily brought to control.
    The idea has to do with creating means of herding the animals in one location, whereby they can be trapped.
    Goats are like rodents, they will seek out and follow the feed stock
    The use of Grain & animal feed are feasible commodities that can best used in this situation.
    My company Kultur Sails Enterprises in Trinidad can be contacted to provided feed stock for this exercise. Please call 1 868 295 8709 or e mail gilbertagard@yahoo.com.