Monday , May 29 2023

Be Prepared, Stay Prepared !

Public Entity Saba


We are currently in the peak of the 2020 hurricane season while living through the covid-19 pandemic. While Saba’s epidemiological situation remains favorable, the weather, however, is unpredictable, and we need to be prepared.

The community should continue to make all the necessary preparations. Do not wait until it’s too late, as it may be impossible to accomplish everything that is needed in a couple of days or hours before a storm approaches.

Residents should monitor the weather and be prepared to implement their hurricane plans.

Clear your yard of debris, have your hurricane kits ready, stock your cupboards, ensure your houses are protected and secure your garbage bins and any material which may become mobile in a storm. This also goes for the contractors and any construction material at job sites.

When a storm poses a threat to the island, authorities will issue alerts.

Follow the Government Information Services via Whatsapp +599-416­7343 (add the number to your contacts and msg subscribe, and we will add you to the list) or via the Public Entity Saba Facebook page, for your Saba specific storm updates, information, and instructions.

Be Prepared, Stay Prepared !

KLM will rebook or cancel tickets at no cost if bought before March 31, 2021
KPCN working method with regard to pandemic Covid-19 adjusted