Sunday , October 1 2023

Public Entity Saba Implements Additional Covid-19 Support Measures

The Public Entity Saba implemented additional support measures in order to alleviate the burden of costs related to the Covid-19 crisis.
In July 2020, the applications were published for a one-time relief package targeted towards apartment owners, taxi drivers, and other business owners that had not received any of the other packages provided by SZW and EZK up until then.
The requirements to be eligible for support were the following:
• Applicants must be a fulltime resident of Saba
• Applicants must have been affected by the covid-19 crisis during the period of March 13th, 2020 to July/August, 2020 but were unable to qualify for any other relief packages.
• Proof was requested.
In total, 52 people applied in the group of apartment owners, taxi drivers and other business owners. A total of 35 persons qualified and 17 were denied because they did not meet the requirements.
Applicants that met the requirements and were approved, received a one-time relief of $2,000. This amount is a minimum to help compensate for income losses due to COVID-19. The compensation is granted through the Public Entity Saba.
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