Thursday , December 7 2023

Saba gets more authority in welfare services and work permits

Saba will have more say in the social domain next year. Through an amendment to the BES Welfare Decree, the local government is given the authority to carry out special welfare services. State Secretary Bas van ‘t Wout wrote this to the Second Chamber.

State Secretary Bas van ‘t Hout

The Executive Council of Saba has been urging this for some time. Saba believes that it can do some government tasks much more effectively than the Central Government itself. Another wish of the SC will be partly honored, and that is an amendment to the Decree on the implementation of the Act on the Employment of Foreigners BES. From next year, school boards no longer need to apply for a work permit for the appointment of teachers from outside Saba.

Saba would like to see a number of positions for which it has been established that they cannot be filled by local workers the permit requirement to be removed so that vacancies can be filled more quickly.

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