Tuesday , May 30 2023

St. Maarten: COVID-19 trend for country indicates increase in cases

Collective Pre­vention Services (CPS) has re­ported an increase in the seven-day moving average number of COVID-19 cases as of Monday, November 9.

The average has increased from a short-term trend of five per day to eight per day. “While these numbers are still small, it reflects a 60 per cent increase in cases over the last 10 days,” the Min­istry of Public Health, Social De­velopment and Labor VSA stated in a press release on Monday. “The island has also experienced an additional death, while six in­dividuals remain hospitalised.”

According to the release, the re­cent increase can be related to a combination of factors: the recent Halloween festivities, an increase in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) window for incoming trav­ellers, the phased reopening of schools, an increase in the num­ber of tests administered and the emergence of several clusters. CPS said it is planning addition­al public health messaging cam­paigns in the upcoming weeks to remind individuals of the need to remain compliant with the public health measures — wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands — especially moving into high season.

“For today, November 9, there were 896 confirmed cases and 801 recovered cases.

In addition, we would like to re­mind the 72 active cases, and the 240 close contacts in quarantine, of the importance of staying home, practising proper hygiene and wearing your mask to protect those around you,” concluded VSA Minister Richard Panneflek.

The Daily Herald.

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