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Charles Dexter Johnson celebrates 35 years with SEC, formerly GEBE

One of Saba’s pio­neers in electricity, Charles Dexter Johnson has marked 35 years of service at Saba Electric Company NV (SEC), formerly NV GEBE.

Starting his career with the company on August 1, 1985, as a linesman, Johnson has demonstrated employee loyalty and allegiance to continuous improvement of electric power distribution. He has worked his way up through the company to be­come the President Direc­tor of SEC in 2019. He was promoted from linesman to Supervisor of the Distribu­tion Department in 1991, to Branch Manager in Febru­ary 1996, and to Managing Director in January 2014. During his 35 years John­son was instrumental in im­proving the electricity dis­tribution grid when it was upgraded from mainly an overhead distribution grid with all its challenges, to a stable and efficient under­ground distribution system.

He was also successful in leading the expansion of electricity production on Saba, which called for sig­nificant modification of the now decommissioned pow­er plant on Fort Bay.

Charles Dexter Johnson

Also, during his tenure Saba’s electricity company saw the construction of its own office building in 2008, 46 years after the existence of electricity in Saba, hav­ing rented office space up to that time. When SEC was established in 2013, Johnson played a funda­mental role in the split from NV GEBE.

Furthermore, Johnson has been instrumental in the re­alisation of the new power plant and infrastructure in 2015, Solar Park 1 in 2016, and Solar Park 2 in 2018, thus reducing the depen­dence on fossil fuel and advancing the renewable energy footprint in Saba, placing Saba amongst the leaders in the Caribbean region.

Commenting on Johnson’s accomplishments, his good friend and colleague Fred Cuvalay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Statia Utility Company STUCO, said, “We have over the many years been able to oversee the developments of our islands and I can tell you that Dexter did so with satisfaction for the love of his job, because he knew he was ensuring the reliability of the electricity service he enjoyed providing for the benefit of the people of Saba.

“I say to the people of Saba, here is one son of the soil who in 35 years of service has placed his hall­marks on the electricity supply service on the island of Saba and yet continues to inspire next steps in ad­vancing this cause.” Reminiscing on the “elec­tricity movement” on Saba, Supervisory Board mem­ber Hubert Roy Smith said this occasion is testimony to Johnson’s loyalty, which was evident from the mo­ment Johnson started to work with him and the first director, the late Elmer Limey, in 1985.

“We extend our appre­ciation to you for your faithful consistency on the job. It has been said that performance depends on attitude; therefore, we conclude that you have a great attitude about life in general. We want to recog­nise Dexter’s achievement and as well encourage him to continue pursuing ex­cellence in whatever tasks he undertakes. We look to people such as Dexter for a brighter future for Saba,” Smith said on behalf of the Supervisory Board. “Dexter is a selfless lead­er. He does not think twice about putting the needs of others before his own needs. Dexter’s passion in keeping up to date with the latest technology in renew­able energy production has greatly benefited SEC,” said SEC Managing Direc­tor Mark Zagers, who has worked alongside Johnson for the past 23 years. Management and staff of Saba Electric Company NV extended heartfelt congrat­ulations and appreciation to Charles Johnson. “He is and will always be a trea­sured colleague. Kudos to you Dexter.”

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  1. Congratulations dear Dexter,

    Great professional, great person, it was a pleasure to work with Dexter and the entire team of SabaEletric.

  2. Congratulations dear Dexter,

    Great professional, great person, it was a pleasure to work with Dexter and the entire team of SabaEletric.