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Saba Day week of activities to kick off on November 30

The Executive Council will be hosting the official ceremonies mark­ing the 45. anniversary of Saba Day and the 35. anni­versary of the Saba flag on Friday, December 4. Un­der the motto “Lessons of the Past and Actions of our Present Determine our Fu­ture” the celebrations will commence at 8:30am with the hoisting of the Saba flag at the Government Admin­istration Building in The Bottom, followed by a pro­cession to the official cer­emony at Princess Juliana Sports Field.

Saba Day will be celebrat­ed during an entire week of festivities, starting on Mon­day, November 30, and ending on Sunday, Decem­ber 6, with the sports field being the epicentre during the first three days of cel­ebrations.

The activities will be kicked off by Sacred Heart School with a Youth Ex­travaganza filled with per­formances and disc-jockey entertainment at Princess Juliana Sports Field from 6:00 to 10:00pm on Novem­ber 30.

Tuesday, December 1, is Art and Culture Night with an expo and performances between 5:00 and 11:00pm. It will be Saba Compre­hensive School’s turn to host its Youth Extravagan­za 6:00-11:00pm Wednes­day, December 2.

The traditional ecumeni­cal service will be held at Sacred Heart Church in The Bottom, 7:00pm Thursday, December 3. Joy bells will be ringing in Saba Day 2020 in all the villages of Saba at 6:00am Friday, December 4. After the official ceremonies, the booths on Matthew Levenstone Street in The Bottom will be open from 12:00pm. Family games and other ac­tivities at the Government Administration Building will commence at 3:00pm. A volleyball competition will start at St. John’s Audi­torium at 6:30pm. The cap­tain’s briefing for the Saba Day Wahoo Tournament is at 7:30pm, after which the participants will go out to sea at exactly 12:01am. The Saba Day activities on Saturday, December 5, start with the Sea to Scenery Race from Cove Bay to Mt. Scenery at 7:30am, followed by the Youth Triathlon at Fort Bay harbour at 8:00am. The booths at the harbour will open at 10:00am, with deejay entertainment through out the day from 3:00pm. The Wahoo Tournament awards will be presented at 6:30pm, followed by per­formances by Daddy Slim, Rebels Band HD, Riddim Youngsters Band and DJ Daddy Slim from 7:30pm to 2:00am.

Sunday, December 6, starts with water activities at Fort Bay Harbour from 9:00am. The booths will be open again and there will be deejay entertainment throughout the day. Chil­dren’s activities and a kite competition at Fort Bay start at 3:00pm, and a Tug of War and Strength Com­petition at 4:00pm.

The Saba Day Weekend will be closed off with per­formances by One Blood Band Int., Riddim Young­sters Band and DJ Zander-Zone between 6:00pm and midnight.

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