Tuesday , May 30 2023

Saba Day boat trip cancelled

The public entity St. Eustatius has can­celled the boat trip to Saba for Saba Day, Friday, Decem­ber 4, because the public entity Saba cannot ensure the maintenance of public order.

This is because the number of people visiting Saba would be too high and cannot be supported by the limited num­ber of police officers present.

Persons who already paid for their boat trip can obtain a refund at the Public Health Department. The public en­tity said it regrets any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused.

All Statia bands invited by the public entity Saba will be transported by air, which is arranged by Saba.

Unlicensed boats are not permitted to transport passen­gers. The vessels in Statia are registered as pleasure boats according to the BES Shipping Law. Article 2(D) of this law states that pleasure boats do not fall under the rules of the shipping law if they do not transport passengers. If they do transport passengers, they need to fulfil the safety requirements as established in the law and to be regis­tered according to the shipping law regulations for small vessels.

The Daily Herald.

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