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Saba Fish Market opened on December 6th

On December 6th, 2020, during the 45th Saba Day Celebrations, Saba celebrated the opening of the new Saba Fish Market. A market that joins the already existing local vegetable market of Saba Reach, the many local animal farmers and vegetable farmers and of course our local egg production.
When the Saba Fisherman Association was established over a year ago, one of the main objectives was and still is to sell our local fish to locals. With the little profit we hope to make, we want to create a financial buffer over the years, to assist registered fishermen when needed.
With the support of the Saba Government and members of the Saba Fisherman Association, we were able to purchase the necessary equipment and have the market ready for Saba. With having the sea all around us and having the Saba Bank as our main fishing grounds, we are able to catch fish like in the old days, where local fish was a common good and part of daily life. Fishing has always been in Saba’s blood. Either fishing from land with a line or further out by boat, young and old, know how to bring their fish home. We are glad that we can be part of this tradition and expand this to a new level.
Please note that
  • Purchasing locally caught fish and seafood ensures that the product you are buying is sustainably harvested and in compliance with fishing regulations.
  • Choosing local fish benefits our local economy by creating and maintaining jobs for fishermen.
  • Locally caught seafood has a low carbon footprint when compared to imported seafood which also results in a fresher and better-tasting product.
  • Consuming seafood at least twice per week also contributes to a healthier diet.

To make the market a reality a word of thanks was expressed to the local Government of Saba for assisting us with the realization of the Fish Market. Thanks were also expressed to all volunteers and board members for their constructive input. Especial thanks go to the treasurer Casey Holm for her never ending drive to make this market a reality in such a short period. Many thanks to you all.
The Saba Fish Market is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 – 11. On Saturdays, we are open from 9 – 12. You can pre-order your fish by calling +599-416-5334.
Hemmy van Xanten
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