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Teacher Camille Fahey-Blackman inducted into NSCS membership

Grade five teacher Camille Fahey-Blackman at Sacred Heart School in Saba has been inducted as a lifetime member of Na­tional Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), the Unit­ed States’ leading certified honour society for high-achieving first- and second-year college students with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average (GPA).

Camille Fahey-Blackman

“I have been a teacher for 35 years and in 14 of those years I have taught in Saba,” said Fahey-Black­man, who originally is from Trinidad and Tobago.

She commenced her stud­ies at Grand Canyon Uni­versity (GCU) in Phoenix, Arizona, in Behavioural Science with an emphasis on childhood and adoles­cence in 2019 and received the invitation of the NSCS because her GPA was of an “exceptional” standard.

“I was deeply humbled and proud to have been invited to go on this jour­ney with GCU and NSCS,” Fahey-Blackman said. “I do pray that I shall be a moti­vation for my students, so that they will learn and un­derstand that education is an ongoing process, and to never stop learning some­thing new on a daily basis.” NSCS is an honours organ­isation that invites fewer than 10 per cent of all eli­gible students in the Unit­ed States to join the ranks of its diverse membership each year. A leading inter­disciplinary academic honour society, NSCS is made up of scholars from two-year, four-year, and online institutions.

“Our students are some of the best of the best, who have shown an unwavering commitment to academic excellence early in their collegiate journey. These dynamic individuals em­body the NSCS pillars of scholarship, leadership and service, and many go on to become active contribu­tors within their respec­tive fields. … We welcome Camille Fahey-Blackman to our community of like minded, high-achieving nationwide scholars,” said NSCS executive director Scott Mobley.

Fahey-Blackman was among several Sabans rec­ognized on Saba Day, De­cember 4, for their valuable contributions. “I would like to thank the public entity of Saba for their kindness,” she said on Monday.

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