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The Foundation for Catholic Education Saba (SKOSABA) is recruiting board members

The Foundation for Catholic Education Saba (SKOSABA), which is governing the Sacred Heart School, is recruiting board members.

The mission statement of the Sacred Heart School is:

To empower each child Intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, physically and spiritually in an environment conducive to self-motivated learning. The child will develop to his / her fullest potential as a contributing member of the community. Each child will be treated with dignity, respect and appreciation of his / her individual contributions.

See below profiles for board members Foundation for Catholic Education Saba.


The board has set up a recruitment and selection advisory committee that will select and nominate candidates.
Candidates can make their availability known up to and including January 22, 2021, by sending a motivation with CV to: .
If you have any questions about the vacancies, you can contact us also via:


Profiles board members Foundation for Catholic Education Saba.


The board of the ‘Foundation for Catholic Education Saba’ (SKOSABA), being the competent authority of the Sacred Heart School, has described its internal organization in its ‘Management statute on the division of powers and responsibilities between 1. the board and the director and 2. the executive board members and internal supervisory board members of the Sacred Heart School’. In addition to what is stated in SKOSABA’s Statutes, the daily board members and the internal supervisory members have further specified which duties, responsibilities and powers have been assigned to them.

The daily board is responsible for governing the organization, which includes implementing the governance model and the remit of the competent authority, providing direction, acquiring, spending and managing the required funds, and ensuring the organization in general functions adequately.

The internal supervisory members supervise the performance of the organization in general and that of the daily board in particular. The internal supervisory members are entrusted with adopting or approving the budget, the annual report (including the board report and the financial statements) and the strategic direction and possibly other decisions deemed applicable within the competent authority. The internal supervisory members advise the daily board and acts as a sounding board.

In the discharge of their duties, all members act in the best interest of the Sacred Heart School. The board as a whole should have expertise in the following areas: governance, quality of education, finance, legal affairs, infrastructure (housing, ict) and organization and personnel affairs. General requirements for the SKOSABA board are:

  • social heterogeneous composite,
  • complementary of knowledge and network,
  • Catholic identity (smallest majority possible), and
  • team player

General profile

The profile for each member of the SKOSABA board includes the following aspects:

  • Affinity with education in general;
  • Knowledge and a sense of social and political public education developments;
  • Excellent communication, collaborative, and persuasive skills;
  • Decisive and pro-active;
  • Capable of attending all meetings prepared;
  • Prepared to sit on committees to handle special issues;
  • Trustworthy and independent.

Profile president

The president of the SKOSABA board:

Ensures continuity in the board’s administrative management, by aligning the agenda with crucial questions the board is being faced with;
Is substantively and technically capable of chairing meetings;
Is capable of segregating, maintaining and monitoring the executive and internal supervisory functions within the board;
Ensures good relations between and quality of governance by the board members;
Has the overview, is strong in setting focal points, is analytical, a leader with organizational skills;
Should be able to connect with professionals and organizations with different ideas and interests and bring them together;
Acts as a driving force, is SKOSABA’s figurehead and represents the board in public.

Profile finance

The treasurer of the SKOSABA board:

Has knowledge and skills in the field of operational and financial management with concentration on budget preparation, budget monitoring and long- term budgeting;
Is capable of casting a critical eye at financial reports, interpreting financial figures and having insight into long-term financial implications.

Profile education

The member of the SKOSABA board with the profile Education:

Has an affinity with education;
Is well known with (primary) education quality requirements and operations;
Has up-to-date knowledge of primary education and the relevant laws and regulations.

Profile internal supervision

The supervisory members of the SKOSABA board:

Are aware of social developments and the strategic direction of the board;
Have a broad future-oriented focus;
Must be capable to independently judge if the board decisions contribute to the overall objectives of the board.

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