Wednesday , November 29 2023

SABA’S Sea Rescue Foundation donates rescue boat “ERIKA” to the Saba Comprehensive School

Since August 2020, the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) is offering students the possibility to enroll in the Maritime Course Seaman Operations as part of their educational program. In this course, students learn how to navigate, use maritime communication methods, perform first aid, and, of course, how to operate a vessel.

Search and Rescue vessel Erika

In an effort to make the training also more hands-on, the SCS approached Saba’s Sea Rescue Foundation to see if they would be willing to donate the Sea and Rescue vessel “ERIKA” to the SCS so it could be restored and used for educational purposes.

The ERIKA, a German rescue boat, arrived in Saba in 2010 and was donated to the Sea Rescue Foundation. Despite several fundraisers and some bad luck, the ERIKA stranded on shore. “We are very delighted that the Sea Rescue Foundation decided to donate this vessel to the SCS as it will enhance the students’ learning enormously,” Anton Hermans continued.

The intention is to relocate “ERIKA” from the harbor to the SCS in St. John’s in order for the Maritime and Technical Department to perform checks to evaluate what needs to be done to restore the vessel to its former glory. The SCS welcomes all persons from the community who are interested in working along with the students to get the vessel back where it belongs: in the Caribbean Sea.

The SCS ship simulator

In the upcoming week, the SCS is also finalizing the installation of its Ship Simulator. The ship simulator is an advanced training device used to expose students to typical shipboard conditions and systems. “It is the first and only simulator of its kind in the Caribbean,” Anton Hermans, Principal of the SCS, stated. The training for the teachers is scheduled.

The simulator is also useful for additional training and review for current vessel operators and crew members. Persons who are interested in a training course can contact the SCS Administration (+599 416 3270).



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