Friday , December 1 2023

Ms. Judith Meyer joins the board of Directors of SHCF

The Benevolent Foundation Saba and Saba Health Care Foundation are very happy to introduce their new Board of Directors, Mrs. Judith Meijer.
Mrs. Judith Meyer. Photo SHCF


Originally from the Netherlands, Mrs. Meijer recently relocated to Saba as our Board of Directors. She did an MBA and obtained her master’s degree in social science.
Her most recent job in the Netherlands was as CEO of a welfare organization. Before this, she worked mainly as CEO in the Dutch health care sector; twelve years in mental health; four years in a hospital, and six years working for six centers that render primary health care.
In these centers, general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and others in the primary health care work closely together.
With her years of experience and knowledge, Mrs. Meijer is hoping that she will be able to contribute to Benevolent Foundation Saba, Saba Health Care Foundation and the community of Saba.
In the coming weeks, Mrs. Meijer is looking forward to getting acquainted with everyone within our organizations and our stakeholders.
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